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About Us

About us.

  The story of our family business starts about 1951 at the mountain of Arachnaio, Argolida or the so-called Chelli and more specifically in the village of that ilk. 


His residents worked mostly on livestock-framing, farming (tobacco production) and often with the harvest of seasonal products. 


It was at that time, that grandfather Georgios Rozis made his first business steps setting the foundation of our today’s cheese production unit.  



Our installations.

  Today in our modern installations and in an altitude of 700 meters, with lots of propension and love to the cheese-making art from generation to generation we unfailingly continue to provide products of excellent quality, satisfying your desire for pure Greek tastes. 


  Our business Rozis K. Georgios & CO. GP. complies with all necessary European conditions as well as the Food and Safety Management System ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP



  Our cheese production unit is located in Arachnaio of Argolida Prefecture


  In a distance of 26 kilometers from Argos, 28 kilometers from the major city and 160 kilometers from Athens, just a breath away from the big city, the village of that ilk still maintains its traditional and authentic character with its 700 permanent residents- ready to take in and welcome each traveler. 


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