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Delicatessen products

Taste exclusively our Oregano-Gruyere and Pepper-Gruyere. 


Welcome to ROZIS K & SIA O.E.

 You can flip through our catalogue of Rozis Products or visit the nearest point of sale.


Stay tuned for every new product through our website.



We hope you will enjoy this virtual journey and find the information in it useful and ‘tasteful’. 

    ​​Manouri-mizithra cheese from Arachnaio

“A mizithra cheese (whey cheese) so buttered and aromatic that it reminds of manouri cheese (cream cheese). Produced in Arachnaio, Argolida by Mr. Rozis in such small quantities that are not easy to find – but worth of searching for it.” (VIMA GOURMET, December, 2011). 


Gruyere ROZI from Arachnaio and other wonderful traditional Greek products.



    The European Agency  of Strategic Planning organizes for the 4th consecutive year a presentation of certified products on the Greek market in a huge exhibition.
    The Agro Quality Festival - Agricultural Quality Products will be held at "Technopolis" in Gazi, the most central and busy area of Athens, on ...


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